Supply Chain Manager

Mr Milton Omollo

Supply Chain Manager

A message from the Supply Chain Manager

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) Department plays the role of procuring goods and services for the institution all year round. The procurement process involves continuously updating a standing list (s) of registered suppliers as required of a procuring entity, preparing tender and asset disposal documents to facilitate fair competition.

The office is also charged with the responsibility to prepare, publish and distribute procurement and disposal opportunities including invitations to tender and to request for quotations and proposals, pre-qualification documents and invitations of expressions of interest.

At The Kisumu National Polytechnic, the SCM section has managed to coordinate the receiving and opening of tender document as well as coordinating the evaluations of tenders, quotations and proposals, prepared and published tender awards. The section continues to prepare contract documents and debriefing letters in line with the award decision. The process ensures transparent and above board procurement process and the general management of the institution supply chain functions.

The Supply Chain Management section, lead by the Supply Chain Manager, acts as a secretariat to the evaluation, inspection and acceptance and disposal committees and also coordinates the internal monitoring and evaluation of the procurement and supply chain.

Over the last decade, the department has improved its interactions with internal and external stakeholders in a bid to match up to its expectations in a national institution set up. Some of its main achievements are:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced relationship with suppliers
  • with the PPDA Act that governs procurement processes in national institutions

  • The department is striving to improve its relationship with all departments through teamwork and cooperation. This will ultimately make the Kisumu National Polytechnic a highly recommended technical training institution in the region.