Performance Contracting

HOD Performance Contracting

Hariet Khajeha

Department Overview

Performance contracting works as a management tool to help The Kisumu National Polytechnic’s policy makers define responsibilities and expectations for staff to achieve mutually agreed goals. The aim is to have a real impact in improving processes, creating new behavior patterns and adopting a positive work ethic in service delivery.

It helps to clarify the objectives of the polytechnic and its relationship with government in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030 development blueprint. Performance contracting has had a profound positive impact on productivity, employees’ motivation, Kisumu National Polytechnic’s culture and effectiveness in service delivery.

The performance enhancement in the academics and administrative functions of the institution has consistently led to growth and development since Performance Contracting came into play in 2008.

There are controls in the management system that guide the proper administration of resources critical to the institution’s guiding vision. There is a clear focus on what policy makers expect from employees and methods of measuring their performance. This is possible due to the adoption of Performance Contracting.


To be an exemplary department in the coordination of Performance Contracting Activities, in line with the requirements of TVET and Research


To guide and coordinate activities by committees towards achievement of Performance Contracting targets and attain an outstanding performance.

To attain a composite score of 2.167 in the 2016/2017 Performance Contracting Year from 2.187 at the Summative Evaluation of Performance Contract Activities.


  • There has been an upward trend in the composite score during evaluation of Performance Contracts.
  • Monitoring and evaluation, and performance appraisal have become crucial processes and significant in contributing positively to quality service delivery.
  • Performance Contracting has enabled of rapid infrastructural development in the institution.
  • More outstandingly is the sense of commitment and teamwork among staff in achievement of set targets as spelt out in the performance contracts.
  • In future, the department will combine target setting and planning in a way to positively enhance and affect quality service delivery.

  • Message for Potential Students, Parents And The Public

    The institution’s policy makers have a coordinated approach towards achievement of the polytechnic’s Strategic Objectives, from which we get Performance Contract targets that make our image and reputation enviable.

    Kisumu National Polytechnic’s motto is ‘Industry Succeeds’. The management therefore encourages potential parents and students to try out our programs because the Polytechnic has a Strategic Plan on how to deliver on its mandate.

    The institution engages with the public in a number of ways with activities such as corporate social responsibility taking place. We however are open to any comments and observations that will enable the department improve on its service delivery.

    Staff Collaboration

    Selected staffers chair the various committees with the task of coordinating activities towards the achievement of targets while others serve as committee members. This helps all members of staff develop focus and discipline in pursuit of the Polytechnic’s and individual goals.


    1. Finance & Stewardship Committee
    2. Customer Satisfaction & Service Delivery Innovations Committee
    3. Resolution of Public Complaints Committee
    4. ISO Certification Committee
    5. Automation Committee
    6. Youth Internship and Attachment Committee
    7. Asset Management Committee
    8. Disposal of idle Assets Committee
    9. Prevention of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Committee
    10. Implementation of the Constitution Committee
    11. Remittance of Statutory deductions Committee
    12. Disability Mainstreaming Committee
    13. Gender Mainstreaming Committee
    14. Environmental Sustainability Committee
    15. Safety Measures Committee
    16. National Cohesion and National Values Mainstreaming Committee
    17. Research and Innovation Committee
    18. Ease of Doing Business Committee
    19. Skills/Competency Needs Assessment & Intervention Programs Committee
    20. Performance Appraisal Committee
    21. Submission of pension documents Committee
    22. Knowledge Management Committee
    23. Prevention of HIV / AIDS infection Committee
    24. Corruption Eradication Committee