Farm and Fish Ponds

The Fisheries section falls under the Administration Department and plays the unique role of hosting Aquaculture Subjects under the Applied Sciences Department, while producing fish and fingerlings for public consumption.

The facility is located next to the staff quarters, beyond the sports fields, and consists of 16 ponds. Currently, 12 are in service, hosting three different types of fish, namely: Tilapia, Catfish and Mudfish. Each pond has an average capacity of 1,000 fish, with special blending done to balance the populations that may grow too fast. The pond operators may place catfish in the Tilapia ponds to control their numbers since they feed on the latter and help balance their population.

Most of the species take six to eight months to reach maturity i.e. table-ready size. Before harvesting, the farm manager Mr. Moffat Omolo together with a representative from administration conducts a sampling exercise to determine the sizes in different ponds. Once he certifies that the fish stocks are ready for harvest, he informs the Finance Department and the Stores Manager who will come and fix the prices for the different species and sizes.

On harvesting day, Mr. Omolo and his team, consisting of casuals, harvest the fish and hand them over to the Stores Department. Buyers pay the Finance Department and collect their fish from the stores with prices for the different fish currently ranging between KES. 50 to KES. 200. Buyers include restaurants, hotels, schools, individuals and even students within Kisumu National Polytechnic.

The Fisheries Section also provides certified fingerlings for fish farmers from across the region. The Agriculture Ministry has granted the institution the permission to provide fish farmers with high quality, correct-gender fingerlings, to encourage aquaculture and help reinforce food security in the country.

In summary, the Fisheries section under the Administration Department is another unit within the Kisumu National Polytechnic that has a tangible impact on society, making a difference in the community.